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Understanding Addiction is a Disease

Addiction is no more a choice than cancer is.
Without understanding this fundamental principle, one cannot only never recover from addiction, but will not take the steps to understanding why the condition has been allowed to manifest.

This crux of psychological (and perhaps physical) unrest holds the key to treating the condition, allowing the development of new skills to replace harmful behaviors.

Conversely, those on the outside will continue to devalue the condition. Understanding addiction is critical to avoid this.

It is not only those on the outside looking in who refuse to credit addiction as a medical condition. Sadly, those in the midst of the disorder are sometimes in the most pointed denial.

The public at large really needs to understand that drug addiction is a disease and that treatment means treating it as a disease.

Surrounding the difficulty in understanding addiction is perhaps the most harmful stigma any person with a disease will face. Many attribute substance abuse and chronic cases of addiction as a willful choice of those suffering from it. But extensive research attributes addiction to both a physical and psychological issues, with roots in one’s genetic lineage.

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