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Professional & Caring Staff

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All of our Recovery Centers employ the pinnacle of healthcare experts who are as compassionate as they are talented. Our professionals are intrinsically governed by integrity, honesty, and empathy.

Directed by the executives of our Recovery Centers across the U.S., our drug and alcohol specialists believe in our philosophy and mission statement. We employ a multifaceted approach to substance dependency treatment, because we understand you are not just a number.

Our medical experts celebrate each client for the individual that they are, and are genuinely concerned about their recovery progression. Extending their reach to each patient, our award-winning medical staff guides each patient back to the source of themselves, and helps to address the innermost core of addiction. We have earned The Joint Commission’s gold seal of approval and accreditation.

On our honor, we pledge to exhaust every available resource to deliver you from the brambles of abuse.

We provide our clients with the pinnacle of inpatient medical detoxification, and pledge to pair drug and alcohol rehabilitation and sober living community residents with trusted centers. Addiction is a plague affecting people across all planes of life, from corporate executives to fastfood workers.

Our detox and recovery centers employ addiction specialists, board certified psychiatrists, and medical doctors, to professionally treat your addiction.

We’re committed to join you on your restorative journey to sobriety. Through our relentless commitment, we pledge to immerse ourselves in the pursuit of your unique needs to guide through a successful detoxification and eventually to a life free of addiction.

  • 24-Hour Medical and Psychiatric Care


  • Gourmet Food and Specialty Beverages

  • Lush and Family Oriented Outdoor Activities:
    Movies Under the Stars, Weekly Barbecues and more.
    • Private, Spacious Bedrooms Equipped with Netflix & Xbox Consoles

    • Full Access to Spa and Salon Services

    • Personalized Treatment Plans Specific to Your Level of Addiction


    • Free Internet Access

    • 100% Treatment Financing Available for Eligible Patients

    • Extensive Group and Family Therapy

    • Lifestyle Coaching for the Future You Didn’t Think You Had


    Call Us 24/7 FOR CONFIDENTIAL HELP NOW: (866) 202-3350

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