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Students recovering from addiction find hope at unique Mckinney high school – Story | KDFW

By: Staff Video Posted: Aug 23 2017 10:01AM CDT For some students in McKinney, this school year is about much more than grades. At Serenity High School, students receive a fresh start as they work to stay sober...Read More

America’s First Addiction Epidemic

This story was funded by Longreads MembersJoin and help support great storytellingChristopher Finan| Drunks: An American History | Beacon Press | June 2017 | 28 minutes (7,526 words) The following is an exc...Read More

“Ice addiction ruined my life”, says former AFL star

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How Science Is Unlocking the Secrets of Addiction

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Addiction – Alternative Cancer Solutions

13SHARES 0 Cancer Studies They Don't Want You To Know About (Click Here)  What causes addiction? Easy, right? Drugs cause addiction. But maybe it's not that simple.This video has...Read More

Las Vegas to Install Special Vending Machines for Drug Addicts

Not everyone thinks enabling addicts is helping them. The opiod epidemic facing America is seriously out of control. Doctors have been told for years of time in that their irresponsible prescribing of powerful and highly-addictive painkillers is making people physically...Read More

Who Counsels The Counselors?

I guess the allure of opiods must be incredibly powerful, even for those who have committed to helping others overcome the addiction. Such is the case of two counselors at a halfway house for recovering addicts in Chester County, a suburb of Philadelphia. The two died t...Read More

Virtual Reality Could Offer Alternative to Drugs for Pain, Addiction Patients

Nearly one-third of Americans suffer from chronic pain, and in the last two decades, opiod prescriptions have tripled in the country. Virtual reality may be be able to help. Researchers at Simon Fraser University believe a virtual reality program may help people with addi...Read More

Pet Therapy Can Be Key in Addictions Recovery

The bond Joanna Cooper and her cat, Dakota, have is undeniably strong. It’s Dakota’s unconditional love that’s kept Cooper going through addictions recovery and it started with her adoption from the SPCA. “As soon as that crate door opened on top of the desk, she cam...Read More

Collegiate recovery programs growing in Ohio as the opioid addiction continues to rise – News 5 Cleveland

CLEVELAND - Universities across the country are responding to the growing opioid problem by introducing recovery programs on campuses.Lorain County Community College, Ohio University, The Ohio State University and Case Western Reserve Univer...Read More