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Addiction recovery advocates praise opioid treatment plan announced by Mayhew – Portland Press Herald

Addiction recovery advocates praised the state’s decision to adopt an emergency rule change Tuesday that will allocate nearly $5 million toward treatment of MaineCare recipients and uninsured individuals who are struggling with opioid depe...Read More

ROAD TO RECOVERY: Frederick County Md. man shares his story of life after addiction

MOUNT AIRY, Md. - "It was the worst six years of my almost killed me a few times, sent me away from my family multiple times just for rehabs and what not,” said Lucas Miller, 28, of Mount Airy, ...Read More

Patient opens up about recovery from brain injury, drug addiction

INDIANAPOLIS – It’s been a long road to recovery for a southern Indiana man who now has a new outlook on life and wants others to avoid the same mistakes he's made.Eli Cornwell, 24, said a crash last October that ended with a severe brai...Read More

Loretta Lynn’s Granddaughter Comes Clean About Addiction Battles

Loretta Lynn’s Granddaughter Comes Clean About Addiction Battles By Sterling Whitaker singer Tayla Lynn opens up about her past struggles with drugs and alcohol in a brutally honest post to...Read More

Let’s Talk About How Women Experience Drug Addiction Differently – VICE

In her new book Woman of Substances, Jenny Valentish admits to indulging in just about every illicit drug in existence. A decades-long addiction began with stealing liquor from her father's cabinet as a teenager, and quickly transitioned i...Read More

Calgary police host new addictions clinic for city’s homeless – Calgary – CBC News

Calgary Calgary police host new addictions clinic for city's homelessGoal is to help clients access treatment and avoid jail timeBy Colleen Underwood, CBC NewsPosted: May 31, 2017 6:31 AM MTLast Updated: May 31, 2017 6:31 AM MT ...Read More

TrumpCare’s fatal flaw — making addiction coverage a choice | TheHill

Freedom — and the right to make choices — is woven into America’s DNA. But one of those choices might become life and death for millions of Americans.Although our current healthcare system is far from perfect, for 91 percent of America...Read More

Real Runners: How Running Contributed To My Addiction Recovery – Running Posts

Real Runners: How Running Contributed To My Addiction RecoveryWomen's Running|0|| inspiration, real runners, womenI am honored to share my story that started in 2013 and led to a passion for wellness and a 70-pound weight loss. Almost eight ...Read More

Addiction Stole My Moral Compass. Recovery Put Me Back on the Right Path. – #VoicesProject

I was born May 1, 1980.My mother and father divorced before I was two years old. My father struggled with addiction and my mother left him. My mom remarried shortly after to Howard, my mother and step father raised me with morals, values and...Read More

Pet therapy can be a key in addictions recovery

The bond Joanna Cooper and her cat, Dakota, have is undeniably strong. It’s Dakota’s unconditional love that’s kept Cooper going through addictions recovery and it started with her adoption from the SPCA.“As soon as that crate door o...Read More