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Treat opioid addiction with resources, not rhetoric (opinion) –

Leana S. Wen: Trump panel on opioid crisis will duplicate work, waste time and moneyAnd, worse yet, it will cost thousands of innocent lives, she saysDr. Leana S. Wen is the health commissioner for the city of Baltimore. Follow her on Twitte...Read More

‘Slavery’: Former ER doctor opens up about opioid addiction | CTV News

A former ER doctor whose career was derailed by an opioid addiction hopes he can still offer one last piece of medical advice: don't become a "slave" to fentanyl.Darryl Gebien, 46, says he has nothing left to lose by publicly addressing his ...Read More

Using Naltrexone To Treat Opioid Addiction |

Naltrexone is an evidence-based medication used to treat opioid use disorders. This drug prevents an individual from experiencing the euphoria that is associated with opioid drug abuse. Used properly this medication, along with therapy, can ...Read More

Chasing the Dragon – America’s Struggle With Opioid Addiction

By Dr. MercolaIf you or someone you know is hooked on prescription drugs such as Oxycontin and Vicodin, or street drugs like heroin, you'll connect with "Chasing the Dragon," a raw 2016 documentary about the horrors of drug addiction. Produc...Read More

America’s Exploding Oxy Epidemic

The opioid epidemic is having vast effects on American employment, with opioid abuse costing employers $12 billion annually and up to 12 percent of the American workforce under the influence of drugs while on the job.The data, reported by Bl...Read More

Group of Addiction Experts, Insurance Executives Unites to Combat Opioid Abuse – WSJ

Addiction experts have issued multiple tomes of guidelines about how best to treat the disease, but too few rehab clinics around the U.S. are following the advice, public-health officials say. Now, amid the nation’s escalating opioid-...Read More