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How Prince Concealed His Addiction: Aspirin Bottles of Opiates – The New York Times

Photo At the time of Prince’s death, his Paisley Park home and recording compound in Minnesota were strewn with “a sizable amount” of narcotic painkillers for which he did not have prescriptions, including some hidden in over-the...Read More

This New Film Will Change the Way You Think About Heroin Addiction

Between ubiquitous overdose videos and an onslaught of headlines, heroin seems to be everywhere. But Warning: This Drug May Kill You, which premieres Thursday at the Tribeca Film Festival and on HBO May 1, is the one thing I would urge every...Read More

I Survived the Columbine Shooting, But Addiction Almost Killed Me

I wasn’t always an addict.My parents weren’t addicts. Their parents weren’t addicts. My aunts, uncles and siblings weren’t addicts and neither were my friends. My path to addiction wasn’t all that uncommon, but the catalyst was.Ap...Read More

10 years after meth addiction, attorney’s license reinstated

When Evansville attorney Teresa Perry McKeethen passed the Indiana Bar Exam and began practicing law in 2000, she thought she was launching herself on the road to a successful legal career."It's all I ever remember wanting to do," she said.I...Read More

Are women increasingly at risk of addiction? – The Washington Post

(Pierre Mornet/for The Washington Post) Last year, American novelist Joyce Maynard faced a harsh realization: Her habit of reaching for a glass of wine whenever she felt stressed had crossed the line into an addiction. “It kind of cr...Read More

Spreading the hope of addiction recovery – Buffalo, NY

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WKBW) - A faith-based group in Buffalo is fighting the opioid epidemic by focusing its efforts on helping addicts who are struggling to get access to treatment.Ricardo Caro was struggling with his addiction to opiates and kept...Read More

‘Blocker’ could help fight addiction

University of Cincinnati researchers have developed an immunotherapy that could be the first FDA-approved medication to block the effects of cocaine.Cocaine has increasingly played a role in the opioid and heroin epidemic nationally. It...Read More

James Conquered Addiction And Lifted Himself A Better Life

Wes Ashworth Training → Transformations April 27, 2017 April 27, 2017 Years of hard living and inactivity almost ended James' life, but he turned it all around. It started with a choice, continued with endless hours of wa...Read More

How the Stigma of Drug Addiction Hurts All of Us – VICE

It's the look in someone's eye when they find out you've done drugs. It's the judgment in their voice that gives away the belief that they're better than you. The othering, the jumping to conclusions of moral deficiency due to personal choic...Read More