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Drug Addiction Treatment

Understanding drug addiction treatment means treating it as a disease. [Read more,
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Inpatient vs. Outpatient Treatment

Sometimes it can be difficult choosing the best rehabilitation option because there are a number of programs you may have never ...

Recovery Resources

At Addiction Recovery Now we believe having accessible knowledge to all things addiction and recovery related will help you ...

Recovery Centers

At Addiction Recovery Now we have centers in all areas of the country and in every state. Call us today to locate a recovery center near you.

Opioid Dependence Treatment

Withdrawal from opioids can be very painful and uncomfortable, the process of withdrawal can also be dangerous without the help of a medical ...

Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Withdrawal from alcohol has the potential to be life-threatening. It has been suggested that alcohol is one of the worst drugs to withdrawal ...

Common Myths Involving Substance Abuse:

Common myths falsely spread about drug and alcohol addiction.

Myth: 1

Myth: Drug usage is entirely voluntary behavior. Fact: People with substance use disorders act upon a biological and psychological dependence, which addictive substances satisfy.

Myth: 3

Myth: Drug addicts willingly put themselves in environments conducive to substance abuse. Fact: Patients of prescription drug abuse often become addicted after sustaining legitimate injuries when trusted medical professionals prescribe highly addictive medications.

Myth: 2

Myth: Drug addicts want to get high because they’re lazy and unmotivated party fiends. Fact: Substance abusers often pursue the liberating effects induced by drugs and alcohol in an attempt to self medicate. Self medication is the desperate battle to escape from internal and external conflict.

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