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Standalone Obi-Wan film to focus on heroin addiction and petty crime

The forthcoming ‘young Obi-Wan’ movie will be about his youth of petty crime on the planet Glastooine, Lucasfilm has announced. Kenobi – to be played by a digitally de-aged Ewan McGregor – struggles with Death Stick addiction with a group of other Padawan and a gra...Read More

Harvard grad overcomes drug addiction, homelessness

Norma Heath's journey to graduation contained a few more road bumps than most people's.Not long ago, Heath hit rock bottom. Twelve years old when her family moved to Boston from Honduras, Heath descended into years of darkness when she becam...Read More

Colorado’s weed boom will fund schools and fight opioid addiction

Colorado’s weed boom will fund schools and fight opioid addiction By Keegan Hamilton on May 30, 2017 The legal weed business is booming in Colorado, and the state has finalized plans to spend its pot tax windfall on health programs...Read More

Treat opioid addiction with resources, not rhetoric (opinion) – CNN.com

Leana S. Wen: Trump panel on opioid crisis will duplicate work, waste time and moneyAnd, worse yet, it will cost thousands of innocent lives, she saysDr. Leana S. Wen is the health commissioner for the city of Baltimore. Follow her on Twitte...Read More